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Guy Caballero Guy Caballero Count Floyd - aaaOOOooo! Count Floyd
Edith Prickley Edith Prickley Bobby Bittman - How are ya? Bobby Bittman
Floyd and Earl with the SCTV News Floyd and Earl, SCTV News Lola Heatherton Lola Heatherton
It's Ed Grimley, I must say Ed Grimley 5 Neat Guys Five Neat Guys
Farm Film Report Farm Film Report Mr. Jackie Rogers, Jr. Jackie Rogers, Jr.
Bob and Doug McKenzie Bob & Doug McKenzie Yosh and Stan Shmenge The Happy Wanderers

Johnny LaRue
Miscellaneous SCTV Characters Other SCTV Characters



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  SCTV (Second City Television) characters included Edith Prickley, Lola Heatherton, Count Floyd, Ed Grimley, Johnny LaRue, Sammy Maudlin, Guy Caballero, Bobby Bittman, The Shmenge Brothers (sometimes "The Schmenge Brothers" - Yosh Shmenge and Stan Shmenge of "The Last Polka"), Lin Ye Tang, Five Neat Guys (or 5 Neat Guys), The McKenzie Brothers, Tex and Edna Boil, Agnus Crock, Dusty Towne, Big Jim McBob and Billy Sol Hurock of the Farm Film Report, Gerry Todd, Johnny LaRue, Mel Slirrup (sometimes "Mel Slirrop") Floyd Robertson and Earl Camembert of the SCTV News, William B. Williams, and many more.

SCTV ran from 1976-1984, showing in Canada on Global Television and CBC Television, and in the US on NBC Television and Cinemax. The show was called "Second City TV" from 1976-1981, "SCTV Network 90" from 1981-1983, and "SCTV Channel" from 1983-1984