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eugene levy
Born December 17, 1946 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
YEARS WITH SCTV: 1976-1984

Earl Camembert
Bobby Bittman

Woody Tobias Jr
Mel Slirrup
Sid Dithers
Brian Johns
Yosh Shmenge
Gus Gustofferson
Al Peck
Alex Trebel
Dr. Rawl Withers
Raoul Wilson
Lou Jaffe
Murray Shulman
Max Lansky
John Candy
Phil the Garment King
Stan Kanter
Crazy Hy
Paul Rey
Don Mills
Dougall Currie
Dr. Elliot Sabian
Henry Kissinger
Ricardo Montalban
Floyd the Barber
Jack Carter
Milton Berle
Gene Shalit
Howard Cosell
Ralph Young
Mr. Levy and Andrea Martin starred in 2 pre-SCTV Ivan Reitman films with SCTV-caliber names: Foxy Lady and Cannibal Girls.
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